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We can prepare your personal and business tax returns, in a responsive and accurate manner, at an affordable price.

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After selecting your payment options ($45 for federal, $40 for state), our pros will get to work. You'll be able to have direct contact to a qualified team of tax pros dedicated to getting you the biggest return.

Maximum Refund Guarantee

Use the TaxPros to Maximize Your Refunds! We guarantee you will get your maximum tax refunds when using TaxPros.Online. Our TaxPros can only prepare your tax returns using the documents you supply, so this guarantee does not extend to missing information on your part. If you find an error or missing information, contact us and we will correct your return or amend your return if it has already been accepted by the IRS or state agencies. Extra fees apply if we did not cause the error or emission.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the TaxPros.Online website, you may discontinue using the website prior to completing the billing step on the website. We will not issue a refund of fees after TaxPros start your returns. Remember to request that we delete your account with us. We will permanently delete all information that we hold on our website connected to your account. This information will not be recoverable thereafter.

Since 1987, we have had many professionals join our team. This has helped us to grow. Our firm's reputation lies in the experience and expertise we provide.

We offer a full range of services while giving you the individual attenion that you deserve.

We serve our clients with dignity and respect, the same way we would want to be treated.

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"Professionalism, Quality, Value. Been trying to find a good tax preparer for the last 3 years since our tax situation has changed. John is very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. I can trust that he is preparing my taxes correctly and in my best interest. Excellent experience and will come again."

- C. Mouar

"Thank you guys again for a great experience! I enjoyed your service, and parents - they have a playroom for your children! What a great place to do business with... big A++"

- Jenny Vandel

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